Tsukinowa Yoi-no-Tsuki Daiginjo Sake




Yoi-no-Tsuki (Midnight Moon) Daiginjo Sake


Tsukinowa Yoi-no-Tsuki (Midnight Moon) Daiginjo SakeTsukinowa Yoi-no-Tsuki (Midnight Moon) Daiginjo Sake (16.1% alcohol by volume) is a premium sake. The rice is polished to 50% or less remaining. this sake has a big presence and complexity. The fragrance is big and luscious. The aroma starts with a light hard candy smell with some melon, anise, fruit and a hint of mint. It pours brilliant pale straw with good reflectance and well developed legs. The sake is medium dry and the acidity is medium low. The flavors follow the aromas with a little more spice and some marshmallow. The sake has a little earthiness in the background. The alcohol is very smooth and not hot or harsh. This sake's rich flavors and aromas expanded my opinions on what to eat with sake. Serve this sake with fine cheeses, smoked fish, caviar, green salads, oysters and tangy fruits. I had these with Eagle Rock Oysters and the sake and the oysters went very well together. I rate Tsukinowa Yoi-no-Tsuki (Midnight Moon) Daiginjo Sake 85.

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