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Sho Chiku Bai Classic Junmai Sake


Takara Sake USA Inc Sho Chiku Bai Junmai SakeTakara Sake USA Sho Chiku Bai Classic Junmai Sake (15.0% alcohol by volume) is Kopsher Certified, sulfite free and gluten free. It is brewed with Calrose rice and has a rice polishing ratio of 70% (70% of the rice remains). It has a Sake Meter Value (SMV) of 3, which means it is more dry than sweet. This can be served chilled, at room temperature or warmed to 100° F. I am drinking mine chilled. It smells of fruit and melon with vanilla, spice and cream notes and as it warms the aromas intensify and a slight earthiness comes forward.  The sake is brilliant water clear with good reflectance, a well formed meniscus and long, thin legs. Lightly spiced fruit, melon, citrus, cream and vanilla fill the mouth with the first sip. The sake begins with a hint of sweetness and then goes medium dry with some white wine character. The acidity is soft and moderate and grows slightly on the finish. The alcohol is smooth and soft and pleasantly warming. The complexity is medium low, the intensity of flavor is medium high, the earthiness is medium low, the body is medium high, and the tail is long and delightful. As it warms the flavors come out more. This sake is a no-brainer with Sushi, light fish dishes, tempura and other Japanese dishes but it also works with soft, creamy cheeses and light flavored white cheeses. I think this would be absolutely grand with a quiche or an omelet. I rate it 83.

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