Shichi Hon Yari Junmai The Seven Spearsmen


Shichi Hon Yari


Junmai "The Seven Spearsmen"


Shichi Hon Yari Junmai The Seven SpearsmenShichi Hon Yari Junmai The Seven Spearsmen is imported by Joto Sake and is made by the Tomita Brewery that was founded in the 1540's. The 15th generation of the family manages the brewery. The has a Seimaibuai (polishing ratio) of 60% (40% of the rice kernel has been polished away). It is rated medium dry and has been lightly filtered to remove small particles. The sake is aromatic, smelling of a light fruit salad with spice, fruit, citrus, melon and traces of tropical fruit and dried mushroom. It is brilliant straw with a dab of yellow, a clear meniscus, good reflectance and a swirl of the glass produces long, well formed legs that go from the top to the bottom of the glass. The flavors follow the aromas with traces of fennel that become more pronounced on the finish. The dried mushroom aroma gives it a mild earthiness. The acidity is medium plus and the sake gets a little juicy towards the end. A hint of sweetness up front dries on the finish. The sake has a medium long tail. The complexity is medium and the impact is medium plus. To get the most flavor and aromas, serve this at room temperature. The importer recommends serving this with mushroom risotto, nutty cheese or stews. I love this sake and rate it 90.

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