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g Fifty


SakéOne G FiftySakéOne g Fifty (18.0% alcohol by volume) is a Junmai Ginjo Genshu. Junmai Sake is just made with rice. Ginjo Sake has at least 40% of the outer rice milled away (60% remains) and Genshu Sake has not has water added to adjust the alcohol down. SakéOne g Fifty's rice - California Calrose - is milled down to 50%. The aromas are not intense but are very floral with a range of melon, fruit and spice aromas for support. It is brilliantly clear pale straw to water with excellent refletance and well defined long legs. Smooth and clean melon flavors, subtle pomme fruit, fruit, floral and some rice. Alcohol is soft and pleasantly warming. It starts mildly sweet but finishes semi-dry. The acidity is mild, the presence is medium low and subtle, the complexity is high, earthiness is medium low and the tail is medium. It is slightly astringent on the finish with a shot of tart fruit. The fruit and alcohol flavors go very well together. I am drinking my g Fifty with a crunchy roll and it will go well with any maki sushi and will also pair well with seafood, anything off the grill, and white sauce pastas and linguini with clam sauce. I rate g Fifty 81.


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