SakéOne Mura Mura River Premium Sake




Mura Mura River Premium Sake


SakéOne Mura Mura River Premium SakeMura Mura is a line of sake produced by Forest Grove, Oregon's SakéOne. SakéOne Mura Mura River Premium Sake (14.8% alcohol by volume) is a semi-dry Junmai Ginjo sake. It made with only rice, water and koji mold ant eh rice is milled to 60% or less remaining. It has a moderate floral spicy aroma with a hint of melon. It pours pale straw with a well developed clear meniscus, good reflectance and light, well formed legs. The flavor is bigger than the aroma and leans slightly towards the dry and the acidity is medium. It offers melon, marshmallow, floral, spice, and a trace of anise or fennel. The spices especially show up in the finish with a little earthiness. The alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh. The tail is medium. This is a spicy, easy to drink sake. I paired this with Onset Oysters and the sake worked very well with the oysters. I rate the sake 80.


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