Rihaku Junmai Ginjo Wandering Poet




Junmai Ginjo Wandering Poet


Rihaku Junmai Ginjo Wandering PoetRihaku Junmai Ginjo Wandering Poet (15% alcohol by volume) is named after a Chinese Poet living from 701 to 762 who proclaimed that if he drank a bottle of Sake he could write 100 poems. Wandering Poet Sake is made with rice, water and Koji mold. It is made without the addition of added alcohol. The rice is polished down to 55% remaining. It smells of melon, spice, rice, a trace of umami, low earthiness and faint anise. It pours brilliant pale straw with good reflectance and long well defined legs. It has a clean, light, mildly sweet flavor featuring a pleasant dose of anise on the finish. The alcohol is mild and very smooth. The acidity is soft but works with the sweetness. This is a wonderful, easy to drink sake that goes well with Japanese food and can also stand on its own. I rate it 85.

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