Rihaku Dreamy Clouds Nigori Sake




Dreamy Clouds Nigori Sake


Rihaku Dreamy Clouds Nigori SakeRihaku Dreamy Clouds Nigori Sake (15.5% alcohol by volume) is a Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori Sake. Tokubetsu means special or premium. The rice in this Sake is milled so that only 55% of the original rice kernel is left which actually qualifies the Sake for Ginjo. Junmai means that the sake is an all rice sake (no added alcohol) and Nigori Sake means that the Sake is bottled with some of the rice lees giving the Sake a sweet, creamy character. The Sake is made with Yamada-Nishiki rice and uses yeast number 9.

The Sake's fragrant is assertive but not over powering. It smells of melon, fruit, rice, nuts, floral and tropical fruit. The aroma has hints of cantaloupe and tangerine. The Sake pours cloudy, milky white with a very faint brownish yellow tint. A swirl of the glass reveals definite, well defined legs. The Sake is silky, milky and fluffy with a very slight graininess but not chunky some Nigori Sakes. It has a blend of citrus, tropical, and melon flavors lightly seasoned by anise or an anise liquor. It is mildly sweet with a moderate acidity and a rice-like dryness on the finish. Overall the Sake has a smooth, creamy fruity dessert character. The alcohol is clean and smooth and not hot or harsh. This is the essence of a very high-end rice pudding in a glass. I rate it 90.

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