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Ozeki Premium Junmai


Ozeki Sake Ozeki Premium JunmaiOzeki Sake Ozeki Premium Junmai (16.0% alcohol by volume) is a premium (rice polished to 70%) junmai (made with rice only) sake and is brewed and bottled in Hollister California. The brewer recommends serving it chilled. The Sake is fragrant filling the air within 3" of the glass with melon aromas seasoned by a trace of earthiness. There are light fruit aromas closer up. The Sake is brilliant water white with a light shilver sheen and a swirl produces a ring of tears that develop into long, well-formed legs. Melon and fruit lead the flavors with a hint of marshmallow in the background lightly seasoned with spice. The Sake is off-dry with just a hint of sweetness and the acidity is medium. It has a moderate earthy melon tail. This very pleasant drinker will pair nicely with anything Asian - especially sushi and sashimi, chicken, fish, tempura, BBQ and salty food. I rate it 85.

Ozeki Sake

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