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Junmai Sake


Otokoyama Junmai SakeOtokoyama Junmai Sake (15.0% alcohol by volume) is a oure rice Sake brewed wuith rice, water, yeast and Koji. The rice has a 55% polishing rate. It has a medium to medium light aroma with melon, alcohol and a hint of rice. It is as clear as a glass of pure water with a clear meniscus and good reflectance. A swirl of the glass produces long, well formed legs. Spicy melon flavors lead with some herbs and floral followed by marshmallow and light candy notes on the finish. It has a moderate earthiness. The acidity is medium balancing the traces of sweetness to give an overall off-dry impression. The presendce and impact are medium high and the complexity is medium low. The tail is medium long. This Sake pairs well with japanese food - especially sushi and sashimi. This is also marketed as Tokubetsu Junmai Otokoyama. I rate this easy drinking Sake 85.

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