Moto-i Junmai Ginjo Nama-Zume




Junmai Ginjo Nama-Zume


Moto-i Junmai Ginjo Nama-ZumeMoto-i Junmai Ginjo Nama-Zume (17.5% alcohol by volume) is a Junmai Ginjo sake, meaning it is a pure rice Sake (Junmai) and that the rice has been milled to a minimum of 60% or less remaining (Ginjo). Most Sake is pasteurized before cellaring and a second time before packaging. Nama-Zume Sake is only pasteurized once so this sake features fresher flavors. The fragrance is restrained with alcohol, floral, anise and citrus. It's brilliantly water clear with a very slight gold tint. It has good reflectance and slight legs. It has pronounced fruit flavors with pineapple in the lead lightly seasoned by anise with some floral notes. It is semi-sweet with some balance from the alcohol. The alcohol is big, gently warming but clean and smooth and not hot or harsh. The impact is medium plus with a medium body and a long citrusy pineapple tail. This is a very pleasant and repeatable drink that pairs very well with a plate of fries and Rangoons. I rate the sake 87.


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