Moti-I Junmai Another Dalliance



Junmai Another Dalliance


Moti-I junmai another dallianceMoti-I Junmai Another Dalliance (17.0% alcohol by volume) is a Junmai Sake made with Koontoka rice. It has a big fruit aroma dominated by stone fruit, alcohol, floral, spice and rice. There is a faint orange blossum aroma. The sake is water clear with a slight gold tint. It has good reflectance, a clear, well developed meniscus and good legs. The fruit in the flavor leans to pear with a light touch of apricot and a gentle trace of floral spice. Another Dalliance is semi-dry with a smooth, clean alcohol flavor that is not hot or harsh. It has a pleasant, lingering tail. This is a very drinkable Sake that went very well with pork belly bites and fries that I ordered. I rate it 85.


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