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Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto


Kurosawa Sake Kurosawa Junmai KimotoKurosawa Sake Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto (15.0% alcohol by volume) which means that it is made from rice only from rice usually milled to 75% or less (Junmai) and the yeast starter (moto) is created using traditional brewing steps (Kimoto). This Sake has a 65% rice polishing ratio (65% of the rice kernel remains) and the acidity is a little above average. It is brewed from Nagano (Japanese) rice. This has been brewed since 1997 and is only brewed for the American Market.

The Sake smells like melon and citrus with an earthy background and a hint of alcohol. The fragrance is medium low. It is water clear with a light silver gold sheen and good reflectance. A swirl of the glass produces tears that develop into nice long legs. The flavor shows depth and complexity. It starts with citrusy melon and some earthiness, traces of tropical fruit, a dash of tartness, ricey grains, and a hint of something creamy. The flavor leans a little to the sweet but the acidity, depth and complexity balance it well. The earthiness is medium high and gives the sake depth and character. The alcohol is very clean and smooth. There is nothing here that is hot or harsh. The body is medium full and the sake has a tail that lingers pleasantly.

I am enjoying this Sake immensely with a take out sushi roll. This is a big Sake that can stand in for red wine and stouts. I have enjoyed it with oysters and cheese and it can also pair nicely with BBQ, a bucket of take out fried chicken, tempura, schnitzel. I rate it 88.

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