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Tozai Junmai Sake Living Jewel


Kizakura Sake Brewing Co. Ltd Tozai Junmai Sake Living Jewel Kizakura Sake Brewing Co. Ltd Tozai Junmai Sake Living Jewel (14.9% alcohol by volume) is a Junmai Sake brewed by the Kizakura Sake Brewing Company in the Kyoto Prefecture using Koshihikari rice. Junmai Sake uses rice milled with 70% or less of the rice remaining and has no added alcohol. The frangrance is moderately quiet with a light melon, fruit, grape, and rice smell lightly scented by anise. Living Jewel is brilliant shimmering silver water with just a hint of pale straw. It has a clean and crisp palate featuring melon, alcohol, fruit, green grape, and a touch of sweet rice and a sprinkle of anise and a hint of daikon and citrus. It is moderately sweet with a soft touch of acidity and a delicate earthiness. Its presence is moderate and its complexity is straight forward. The finish has a moderate tail. The body is medium and the alcohol is soft, smooth, clean and gently warming with no hot or harsh character. More flavors, especially citrus, come forward as it warms.

I enjoyed this sake with Barron Point Oysters. Read the review here. It will also pair nicely with seafood and chicken.

Kizakura Sake Brewing Co. Ltd.

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