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Kizakura Sake Brewing Co. Ltd.

Tózai Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori Sake


Kizakura-Sake-Brewing-Co-Ltd-Tózai-Junmai-Nigori-SakeKizakura Sake Brewing-Co Ltd Tózai Snow Maiden (14.9% alcohol by volume) is make in the Kyoto Prefecture using Gohyakunagoku Gin Ohmi rice. It is named after the Hanako or "Flower Maiden," a Japanese Koi fish said to have lived for 226 years in the icy waters at the base of Mt. Ontake. a Junmai Nigori Sake. Junmai sake is pure rice sake with no added alcohol. Traditionally at least 30% of the rice needed to be milled away. While this is no longer the case, the label must state the amount milled away. This label states that the rice is milled to 70% (30% is milled away). Nigori Sake is unfiltered and usually has some of the original solids added to the sake. Tózai Snow Maiden has a subtle, fresh, spicy melon smell. This Sake looks cloudy and chalky like a glass of powdered or skim milk. A swirl of the glass reveals some legs. It has a milky, melony fruit flavor with a light initial sweetness and a light touch of tartness. The acidity is soft and just enough to balance the sweetness. There is a hint of rice milk. The spiciness leans in the direction of fennel seed. The alcohol flavors are medium plus and the alcohol is smooth, mildly warming and not hot. The sake is moderately earthy with a lingering tail with lightly tart melon. A light astringent touch helps it dry on the finish. The body is full and chewy but not quite pulpy. It works well with spicy food and desserts. I rate it 80.

Kizakura Sake Brewing Co. Ltd.

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