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joto junmai nigoriJoto Junmai Nigori (15% alcohol by volume) is brewed at the Nakao Brewery, founded in 1871 and managed by the sixth generation of the same family. Joto Jumnmai Nigori uses rice milled with 65% ot less of the rice remaining and has no added alcohol. It is lightly filtered. Joto Junmai Nigori is moderately fragrant featuring fruit, nuts, melon, tropical fruit and some light earthiness. I gasve the bottle a good shake before I poured. It looks like a glass of coconut milk, cloudy white with moderate legs and has very fine rice particales suspended throughout. The sake has big fruit flavors leaning to tropical and has some earthy nuttiness, a hint of anise, rice pudding and some cucumber notes with a touch of umami. It is creamy, slightly grainy, medium sweet to a little less, has soft acidity, a moderate presence and medium plus complexity. The tail is medium long. The alcohol is clean and smooth, mildly warming and not hot or harsh. This is less sweet than many Nigori sakes and goes with a variety of food. Joto Sake suggests pairing it with burgers or steaks or Thai, Vietnamese and Indian curries. I am drinking this with a plate of Nautilus Island Oysters and the Sake and the oysters play very well together. Read the review here. I rate Joto Junmai Nigori Sake 88.

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