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Housui Tokubetsu Junmai


Housui Brewing Company Housui Tokubetsu JunmaiHousui Brewing Company Housui Tokubetsu Junmai (15.7% alcohol by volume) is a Junmai Sake (made with water, Yamadanishiki rice and Koji). The name means "fragrant water." Tokubetsu means that it is a premium sake. After polishing, 60% of the rice remains so it qualifies as a ginjo (higher grade). Its fragrance has a medium impact featuring an earthy aroma with hints of mushroom, marshmallow, melon, spice and anise. It is brilliant pale straw with a clear meniscus and medium legs. It is clean and smooth and leans slightly towards dry. Medium high earthiness, some mushroom, alcohol and a hint of melon lead to a spicy, lingering tail. Medium high acidity add to the sake's presence and complexity giving it the character to pair well with many foods and enough going on to savor by itself. I rate it 89.

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