Hakutsuru Brewing Company Superior Junmai Gingo


Hakutsuru Brewing Company


Superior Junmai Gingo


Hakutsuru Superior Gunmai GinjoHakutsuru Brewing Company Superior Junmai Gingo (14.5% alcohol by volume) is brewed with water, rice and rice koji (no added alcohol) and uses rice milled to a minimum of 60% or less remaining. It has a lightly flowery fragrant smell with melon and very faint fennel and mint. The fragrance is medium low. It pours brilliant water clear with a very slight silver sheen. It has good reflectance and a clear, well formed meniscus and produces light tears that grow into long thin legs. Fruit and melon lead the flavors lightly seasoned by fennel and mint. Light citrus flavors, traces of umami and a light earthiness are in the background. It has a medium tail leaving a very pleasant lingering fruity melon aftertaste. This medium complex sake is off-dry, smooth, silky and elegant with a medium impact. Drink it warm or cold with salty foods, sushi, sashimi, tempura, or charcoal grilled chicken. I rate it 85.

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