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Sayuri Nigori Sake



Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori SakeHakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake (12.5% alcohol by volume) is a Nirori Sake - milky white, coarse filtered sake. "Sayuri" means "a little lily" and evokes delicate pure images in Japanese culture. The sake is made wityh selected rice, rice koji and water. Serve chilled and give the bottle a good shake before drinking it to fully suspend all the rice particles. A sake's SMV value measures the density of the sake relative to water. SMV values range from +15 (very dry) to -15 (very sweet and dense). Most sakes are around +3. This sake is -11, indicating that it is sweet and full bodied. The fragrance is medium low. It has a fruity melon smell with some earthiness and rice. It is milky white from the center to the rim with fair reflectance and light legs. Close inspection finds some very fine particles suspended in the sake. It tastes fruity and earthy like the smell and is sweet but has medium plus acidity to help balance the sweetness. As it warms more marshmallow flavors develop. The sake has a big impace, a medium full presence and a medium tail. It is very drinkable and refreshing. I rate it 80.

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