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Sho-Une Junmai Dai Ginjo


Hakutsuru Sake Sho-Une Junmai Dai GinjoHakutsuru Sake Sho-Une Junmai Dai Ginjo (15.5% alcohol by volume) is a dry, full bodied sake imported by Sake-One in Forest Grove, Oregon. Sho-Une means soaring clouds. Junmai is the Japanese word for pure rice indicating the the sake is brewed from rice, water, yeast and koji and nothing more. It has no added sugar, alcohol or other ingredients. Dai ginjo (also daiginjo) sake is made from rice with at least 50% of the outer layer of the rice kernel milled away, indicating a higher quality rice for sake brewing. This sake is made with Yamada-Nishiki rice, the most common sake rice and is favored for its ability to easily absorb water and easily dissolve.

I am drinking the Sake lightly chilled but it can be enjoyed at room temperature. The aroma light, yet big and fragrant and spicy with a fennel and anise note leading. It has some marshmallow and melon in th background. It pours like crystal clear pure water with a very slight silver tint. The color is consistent from the rim to the center and it has good reflectance, a clear, well formed meniscus and will produce long, well formed legs with a swirl of the glass. The sake is dry, full bodied with melon, tropical fruit, and fennel with smooth mildly warming alcohol. Nothing is hot or harsh. It dries with a slightly stringent note on the tail with is long and lingering. The sake has medium plus impact. This sake is a perfect sake to eat with oysters or other rich, salty dishes. I enjoy it immensely. I rate it 85.

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