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Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company




Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company AwayukiHakutsuru Sake Brewing Company Awayuki (5.5% alcohol by volume) is a sparkling Futsu-shu sake. Futsu-shu is a value sake using regular rice and distilled alcohol to lower costs and is usually made in large automated factories. It has a very mild faint grainy marshmallow and melon smell. It is fizzy like seltzer water, brilliantly water clear with a slight brownish tint like water from a well with a high mineral content. The flavor is light, a touch grainy and mildly sweet with fruit, traces of berry and pear and a hint of balancing tart and green apple. Alcohol flavors are low. There is nothing unpleasant but then nothing outstanding either. The body is light and the carbonation is medium. This is an innocous beverage marketed to those who wish to avoid strong flavors. The brewer recommends this with greasy foods such as tempura, pizza or hot-wings. It is a slight step above alco-pop and something you would expect from Molson-Coors or AB InBev. I rate it 60.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company

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