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Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company

Excellent Junmai Sake



Hakutsuru Brewing Company Excellent Junmai SakeHakutsuru Sake Brewing Company Excellent Junmai Sake (15.0% alcohol by volume) is made with rice, rice koji and water. The fragrance dominated by melon and rice is medium low. There are floral, tropical fruit and a light earthiness in the background. It pours brilliant water with a slight silver sheen. It has good reflectance and well developed long legs. The Sake is off dry with a light trace of sweetness and medium plus acidity. Fruit flavors are full and clean seasoned by a delicate earthiness. There is a trace of cucumber. The body of this delicate Sake is light, the impact is medium quiet, the presence is medium low and the complexity is straight forward. This Sake goes well with most foods, especially salty foods like oysters, fish and chips, and tempura. I rate it 78.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company

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