Gekkeikan Suzaku






Gekkeikan SuzakuGekkeikan Suzaku (alcohol by volume 15.5%) is a Junmai Ginjo (brewed with only rice and having a rice polishing ratio of 60% or less). The sake's name, Suzaku, means guardian of the south. The aroma is not big but is complex with melon, some spice, smokiness and earthiness. It pours brilliant silvery gold with thick tears. The sake has mildly sweet fruit flavors featuring melon seasoned by a light earthiness, a hint of smoke and spice. It dries lightly on the finish. The acidity is mild. This is a medium complex sake with medium presence and impact. It is a very pleasant drink with clean, smooth alcohol. It pairs nicely with seafood and can also handle roasted meats and BBQ. I rate it 83.

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