Gekkeikan Junmai-Shu






Gekkeikan Junmai-ShuGekkeikan Junmai-Shu (15.6% alcohol by volume) is a junmai sake (made only with rice) and is made in Folsom, California. It can be served warm, at room temperature or chilled. I prefer it chilled. It smells of herbs, faint floral, citrus, melon, alcohol, and fruit backed by a light earthy rice aroma. The fragrance is medium low. It is brilliant pale silver gold with good reflectance. A swirl of the glass produces tears and excellent legs. The flavor reflects the aroma with lightly sweet fruit flavors dominating, moderate acidity, and very clean smooth alcohol - not hot or harsh. The tail is medium and has just a touch of apricot and a light earthiness. This is a very pleasant, straightforward sake with a medium presence. It is not challenging but is well balanced and easy to drink. This is an inexpensive sake to start with. I have seen prices ranging from slightly over $6 for a 750 ml bottle to just under $10. Try it with fish and chips, tempura, vegetables, or stir-fry.

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