Dewazakura Tobiroku






Dewazakura TobirokuDewazakura Tobiroku (15.0% alcohol by volume) is a sparkling, cloudy sake with a 50% rice polishing ratio. The sake has a clean and unassertive aroma of melon, light fruit and traces of cucumber. I roused the sediment on the bottom before pouring and it filled the glass hazy white with a white, champagne like cap with poor retention. Melon leads the flavor and then citrusy lemon lime note come forward. There is a mild rice cracker and yeasty mushroomy earthy umami note in the background. The rich citrus notes combined with the champagne-like carbonation give the sake a medium full presence and medium complexity. The Sake is off dry and the body is medium light. The tail is medium brief. This is a pleasant, very refreshing sparkling sake. I rate it 80.

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