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Oka Ginjo


Dewazakura Oka GinjoDewazakura Oka Ginjo (15.0% alcohol by volume) uses rice polished to 50% (ginjo). Prior 1980 most Ginjo Sakes were made primarily for competition. Dewazakura released Oka Ginjo that year, unleashing the "Ginjo boom." "Oka" in Japanese means "cherry blossom" and knowing that, as soon as I open the bottle, I smell cherry blossoms. The Sake is very fragrant and floral and fills the glass as clear as distilled water with a slight silvery sheen with good reflectance and a swirl of the glass reveals some very long, well defined legs. It has a mildly sweet start but as it moves over the tongue it leans slightly to the dry side. A light acidity provides balance and accentuates a range of fruit flavors as it moves though the mouth - cherry and melon at the beginning, a slight shift towards pear in the middle and a fruit blend as it finishes in a long pleasant tail. If you were on a long bus or train ride, this would be your companion of choice - complex, interesting and elegant. I rate this absolute delight 95. Try it with fish, sushi or sashimi.

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