Dewazakura Dewa Sansan




Dewa Sansan


Dewazakura Dewa SansanDewazakura Dewa Sansan (15.0% alcohol by volume) is labeled a Junmai Ginjo (60% of the rice remaining) but the rice is milled to a Daigingjo polishing ratio (50%). The rice is Dewa San San from Yamagata and Niigata. It is a mildly fragrant rice that is less dry than some. Sake made with Dewa San San rice has the blue sticker on the bottle. The sake has a fresh, fragrant floral nose with pear, green apple and rice notes with a hint of anise seed. It is brilliant light gold tinted water with a light ring of bubbles around the rim and good reflectance and nice long, well shaped legs. The flavors start light and smooth becoming fruity in the middle with some melon, pome and stone fruit notes. It finishes clean with little aftertaste. the alcohol is big but clean and smooth with nothing hot or harsh. The dryness is between medium and medium dry and the acidity is medium plus. The umami is mild, the complexity is medium and the earthiness is medium minus. Try it with sushi, sashimi, grilled fish and steamed fish. I rate the Sake 85.

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