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barron pointBarron Pointbarron point

Barron Points are from Washington State. They are intertidal beach cultivated Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas). They are initially raised in bags in where the fresh waters of the Little Skookum Inlet wash into the nutrient rich waters of Puget Sounds' Little Totton Inlet and then they are transferred to the beach to toughen up for the last six months before they are harvested. This strengthens the shell and firms up the meat. Little Skookum Inlet's Fresh Waters reduce the oyster's salinity and sweeten up the meat.

Barron Points are average size, tear drop shaped with a barnacle encrusted algae covered cap and a decent cup that has a slight polish due to its getting finished on an intertidal beach. I bought half a dozen in mid-August after reading that the admonition to avoid oysters in months without an "r" in the spelling is bunk. They smell like a tidal pool - but then any oyster worth eating will smell like a tidal pool. Oysters are filter feeders and in the wild an oyster spends its life in one spot and an adult oyster - according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - can filter the phytoplankton out of 50 gallons of sea water a day. It smells like a tidal pool with some green vegetable thrown in and a dash of mushroom and a hint of brie. The oysters body fills up the shell, leaving room for just enough liquor to season the body. barron point

I am eating these with a Pipeworks Brewing Company 27 Lives, a hoppy Belgian Tripel. The oyster liquor is a delicious, mildly salty broth. The oyster blows me away - it tastes like Brie, with a taste of the sea thrown in along with some mushroom. The oyster is buttery and creamy and the taste of Brie hangs in your mouth. The yeast, hops and fruit flavors go well with the Oyster's Brie, mushroom and salt. While the beer's carbonation provides some cleansing, enough salt and Brie remain to meld nicely with the beer's fruit and bitterness to make a long, flavorful lingering finish. Pipeworks Brewing 27 Lives is a safe bet with any oyster but it works especially well with the Barron Points. I rate Barron Points 86. 8-14-18.

Barron point with Tozai Living jewel SakeA month later I revisit the Barron Points with a bottle of Tozai Living Jewel Sake and the Sake's melon goes very well with the oyster's brie and salt flavors and the Sake brings out the sweetness that shows up mid-palate in the oyster. This batch of Barron Points are a little fuller bodied and bigger and the sake also brings out some cucumber in the oyster and a hint of sardine. The pairing of the Pipeworks 27 Lives and the Tozai Living Jewel Sake are different and bring out different flavors in the oyster, but both are very good. 9-28-18





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