Riptide Oyster

Riptide OysterRiptide OysterRiptide Oyster

Riptide Oysters (Crassostrea Virginica) are grown on the south shore of Massachusetts near the mouth of Buzzards Bay. The area experiences strong tidal currents with maximum high tides of 3 feet. Salinity is slightly below ocean levels. The bottom is mud and sand. The seed is grown in upwellers and then moved to weighted cages.

I have half a dozen oysters and they are all within 1/2" of 3". They are oval to teardrop shaped and the caps are bone colored near the hinge with green algae marking each growth ring with the color getting progressively darker and more brownish green as you approach the lip. The cups are medium deep, smooth with light fluting and range from bone with a light brown wash to bone with darker green algae filling the riptidedepressions with purple stripes here and there. The meats are grayish brown with brown to dark brown gills and most fill the cups 3/4 full. The liquor fills the rest.

The oysters have more of a seawater smell than something closer in like a tidal basin. They smell like salty seaweed with a little smoke. The liquor is briny with a light metallic touch. The meat is a little membranous but rich meaty flavors with some herbal notes and a hint of smoke have you wanting another oyster. I am drinking a Lakes & Legends Dock Side (4.3% alcohol by volume) a tangerine white ale. The citrusy tangerine flavors take the place of the lemon wedge that some people squeeze on their oysters. The beer and the oysters improve each other and are a very pleasant pairing. I rate the pairing 85 and the oysters 80.



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