Moonrise Oyster

moonrise oystersMoonrise Oystermoonrise oysters

Moonrise Oyster (Atlantic Oyster, Crassostrea virginica) are from Massachusetts, raised on the Cape Cod's south coast near East Dennis. The oysters are grown in aqua trays on tidal flats fed by 12 foot tides and fed by nutrients from Quivett Creek. The big tides keep the oysters clean inside and out and Quivett Creek's fresh water nutrients keep the oysters fat and happy.

The oysters range from 2.5" to 3". The caps look like someone squirted them clean with a garden hose with a predominantly bone color with a slight green was as you move towards the lip and darker green to purple and black in some of the depressions. The cups are moonrise moon risecleaner than the cap with a bone base, areas of light green wash and some darker green areas in the depressions. The cup depth is a little less than medium but the meat to shell ratio is slightly above average. The shells are oval to teardrop shaped and are easy to shuck.

I am drinking a Hammerheart Dublin Raid with the Moonrise Oysters. It is a smoked Irish Red ale and has a little more malt body and character than typical Irish reds. The oysters have a light sea breeze smell. They are slightly sweet, meaty with traces of dark chicken thigh and pork with a hint of fruit and a nice dose of potato chip level salt. The beer is loaded with nutty malt flavors and a trace of smoke that play very well with the oysters. The oyster's salty meaty, umami flavors accent the beer's spiciness. The oyster has a light metallic note that works with the beer's dryness especially on the finish. The beers smokiness is not intense but does accent some of the oyster meat flavors. The oyster's flesh is meaty and plump with a little crunch from the abductor muscle. The pairing establishes Hammerheart Dublin Raid as a good partner for oysters. I rate the oysters 85.


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