Martha's Vineyard Oyster

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Martha's Vineyard Oysters (Crassostrea Virginica) are east coast Atlantic Oysters and are both cultivated and harvested wild. The cultivated oysters are grown frequently in bottom cages in salt ponds while the wild oysters are harvested out in the bays. The ones I have are gnarly with a seaweed green shell and look like they have been dug off the bottom of a muddy, mucky, weedy bay. The shells range from 3.5" to 4.5" and the cup range from shallow to deep. The caps are brittle. The small shells are oval to teardrop but as the shells get larger they get more roundish. The oysters smell like a seashore bursting with life with seaweed and salt spray dominating. The meat fills about 75% of the cup and the liquor Marthas Vineyard with Island City Moonlight White Berliner Weissefills the remaining 20% to 25%. The liquor is briny - close to seawater briny. The meat is salty and firm with a nice crunch and turns sweet after you bite into it. As you let it melt in your mouth you notice bacon and and pork with seaweed notes leading to a nice metallic finish. Roll it around a bit in your mouth and there is also some sweet mushroom. As you slurp it is all salt and mineral with some seaweed and then the meat comes through. A lingering minerally seawater taste completes the flavors. The larger oysters are sweeter with more pork and bacon and even hints of smoke while the smaller ones have more salt and mineral. I am drinking an Island City Moonlight White Berliner Weisse. This is just what you want with these oysters. The beer's lemon notes brighten the oyster's flavor and the carbonation provides a little cleansing but not enough to mask the oyster flavor. It is a delightful pairing with one crowler going nicely with a dozen oysters. I rate the oysters 86 and the pairing 88. The bigger oysters rate a little higher and if you can, buy the biggest ones you can get.


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