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Jones Creek Oysters are Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) grown near the mouth of Jones Creek in the nutrient rich water of Pickering Passage, a strait in Puget Sound's southern end in Washington State. Maximum flood and ebb tides in Pickering Passage can hit 20 feet producing swift currents that rapidly flush the passage. Pickering Passage nutrient rich water encourages quick growth and plump full meat. The salinity in around 3.1% and is slightly below full ocean salinity. Jones Creek Oysters grow about a quarter mile east of Pickering Pass Oysters.

The oysters are oval to round, medium size ranging from 2.5" to 3.5" with deep cups with Jones Creek Oystersfluted, spiky edges. Both the cups and caps are lightly peppered with small barnacles giving them a rough, rugged look. The smaller caps have a dark green forest floor look while the larger caps have more of a polish ranging from sandy bone near the lip to a green to greenish black wash near the lip and along the growth ridges. The cups look prehistoric with a wash of various shades of earthy green and spikes near the edges. the flesh is grayish tan with gray black gills.

Jones CreekThey have a fresh sea shore smell with some north woods blended in offering seaweedy, musty earthy notes and a dash of tidal pool. The liquor is a little less than sea water salty and sets the stage for the meat. It has a meaty texture with some gristle gut it is not stingy or membranous and goes down easy. The flavor is buttery, fatty and hints of Brie and is a little tastier when eaten with the liquor. There are some vegetable notes especially in the finish that vacillate between seaweed and salted cucumber.

I am have the oysters with a Fair State IPA and the beer's hops pick up on some bitter notes in the oyster and also highlight the vegetable notes while the carbonation cleanses some of the fatty flavors and allows some other flavors to step forward. The beer tones down some of the oyster's cheese notes and pushes the flavors more towards meat. The beer and the oysters go very well together and I could eat and drink a lot of the two together. I rate the oysters and the pairing 85.

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