Ichabod Flat Oysters

Ichabod Flat OystersIchabod flat Oysters

Ichabod flatsIchabod Flat Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are inter-tidal oysters farmed on the Plymouth, Massachusetts mudflats. The oysters has are oval to tear drop shaped with 2.5" to 3.75" shells. The slightly to well fluted cups are moderately deep. The are polished bone with a light green wash and greenish brown highlights. The caps are darker with a light green wash moving from polished bone at the hinge to greenish brown at the lip. Some have a purple stripe. The meat fills about 75% of the cups and the liquor fills about 10%. The meats are grayish tan with dark green to black gills.ichabod flats

Ichabod Flats have a seashore smell, some tidal pool and sea breeze. The liquor is as briny as the ocean. The flavors are potato chip level briny with some bacon, mushroom and cucumber. The oysters are lightly sweet. The oysters are a little thin but they still have some meatiness. I am drinking a Jackie O's Pockets of Sunlight Saison (6.5% alcohol by volume) brewed with honey, coriander and lemon verbena and fermented with classic saison yeasts, wild yeast and bacteria. The beer is palate cleansing but as soon as the beer's tartness hits the oyster's saltiness an elegant gose comes to mind that is accented by the oyster's mineral flavors on the finish. The beer's honey, coriander and lemon verbena play with the oyster's vegetable, bacon and mushroom flavors. The beer and the oyster create new flavors together. I rate the oyster 78 and I rate the pairing 85.


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