Hurricane Harbor Oysters

hurricane harbor oysterHurricane Harbor Hurricane Harbor Oyster map


Prince Edward Island's Hurricane Harbor Oysters (Crassostrea Virginica) are a bottom cultured Atlantic oyster hand harvested off the bottom of the Northumberland Strait with oyster rakes.

These oval shaped small to medium sized oysters have fairly smooth caps that are bone with a light green wash at the hinge and get darker towards the lip. The cups are medium shallow and slighly lighter colored than the caps. The meat to shell ratio is moderate with about 20% liquor and 80% meat. The meat is cream colored with gills ranging from light brown to dark green.

hurricane harbor with Tilted Ciderworks Topwork dry ciderHurricane Harbor oysters have a light clean tidal pool aroma over a background of sea breeze. A hint of smokiness in the aroma comes out more on the tongue. The liquor is salty and brothy while the meat has a hint of bacon to go with the smoke and umami. A mild sweetness peeks through in the middle. The texture is firm but buttery and creamy, dissolving in the mouth and leaving a small membraneous residue. I am eating these with a bottle of Tilted Ciderworks Topwork Dry Cider and the cider's carbonation cleanses the palate and the cider has a trace of smokiness that works with the oyster's smokiness and the smokiness pleasantly increases as you work you way through the cider and the oysters. The light apple in the cider help find hints of bacon in the oyster and the two are an absolute joy to share together. I give the pairing an A+ and rate the Hurricane Harbor Oysters 86.



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