Fiddlehead Oysters

fiddlehead oystersFiddlehead fiddlehead oyster


Fiddlehead Oysters are Atlantic Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) farmed on the south coast of Cape Cod in Lewis Bay, a protected inlet located east of Hyannis Harbor and west of South Yarmouth. The sheltered bay is one of the few places on Cape Cod that allow grow-out of the oysters in floating cages that promote deeply cupped, naturally tumbled oysters.

The Fiddleheads have brittle caps that start dark muddy greenish brown to almost fiddlehead oysterspurple black at the lip and show lighter shades of brown near the hinge. The cups are smooth polished brown with a little grit, oval to teardrop shaped and have a tumbled look. The meat is light tan with a light green tint and they have light green to black gills. The meat fills up halt to two thirds of the cup. The liquor fills the rest. The oysters have a seashore smell. the liquor is briny and has a light metallic astringency on the finish with a trace of bacon. The meat is surprisingly sweet, meaty and mushroomy with some smoked bacon. Up front it is salty, meaty with smoked chicken and pork notes. The meat dissolves in your mouth and the chew releases the sweetness. Along with the liquor's salty metallic note there is also some seaweed and light fish notes. I am eating these oysters with a Bauhaus Riegele Aechtes Dunkel, a full flavored Munich style dark lager, with rich malt flavors, a slightly sweet start and a drier, clean finish. The oyster's saltiness accents the beer's maltiness while the beer's malt flavors bring out the bacon and smoked chicken flavors in the oysters. They go very well together. I rate the oysters and the pairing 92.


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