Boss Gibson Oysters

Boss Gibson Oystersboss gibson

boss gibsonBoss Gibson Oysters have a name that makes you want to buy a dozen. William "Boss" Gibson was a well-known early 20th Century New Brunswick merchant with a taste for fine oysters and fine living that earned him the local nickname "the oyster eatin bastard." The Boss Gibson Oyster Company continues his tradition of raising and selecting the best oysters. Boss Gibson oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are grown in the the cold, nutrient rich Atlantic Ocean waters of New Brunswick's Cocagne Bay.

The Boss Gibson Company cultures their oysters for three to five years by floating them just boss gibsonbelow the surface washed by the tides of the cold Northumberland Straight that keep the shells clean and well shaped. The shells are round to oval. The oysters are medium small, averaging 2.5" long. The shells are clean with polished bone cups light to darker brown stripes marking the indentations on the shell and the lines that mark each year's growth. The caps are a little darker starting bone colored at the hinge and getting progressively darker green and in places nearly black moving toward the lip.

Boss Gibsons have a nice, clean briny smell of a northern seashore where the water is too cold for things to decompose much. They are crisp and firm with some cucumber and herbal flavors. The saltiness is slightly less than oceanic boss gibsonsalinity. I am eating my Boss Gibson Oysters with a glass of Insight Brewing Crazy Aunt (6.0% alcohol by volume), a gin and tonic style ale, and Lakes and Legends 5 Weight Cream Ale (5.6% alcohol by volume). The 5 Weight Cream Ale is light and crisp with a clean malt character and it pairs very well with the oysters. The Boss Gibsons provide a light metallic note that highlights and accents the beer's crisp dry finish. The beer's grainy character works well with the oyster's cucumber, vegetable and seaweed notes and the beer helps notice some celery, tarragon, and a hint of onion in the oyster. The lime and gin spices in the Crazy Aunt make it the penultimate oyster beer and the spices interact with the oyster's metallic finish in interesting ways. The beer's spices also bring out the oyster's sweet and buttery flavors. Both beers work very well with the Boss Gibsons. Crazy Aunt's lime and in spices give it a slight edge but I drink either beer with these oysters. The flavors and texture of the Boss Gibsons make you feel good when you eat them. I rate the Boss Gibsons 85.



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