Avery Oysters

Avery OystersAvery Oysters

Avery Oysters

Avery Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are bottom cultured in Cape Cod Bay near where Wellfleets are grown. The bay bottom is clean pebbled sand with seaweed. Tides, averaging 12 feet rush into the bay twice a day bathing the oysters in nutrients while exposing the oysters to air during low tides. The waters in the bay and its estuaries are colder than those farther south, slowing down the oysters' growth, causing the oysters to store more glycogen, producing a sweeter flavor. The bay has few freshwater sources allowing it to maintain a salt content around 2.8% producing a sharper, cleaner flavor. Avery Oysters grow to 3" within two to three years.Avery Oysters

The oysters average 2.5", are nearly round and have medium plus cups. The cups are gently ribbed bone with a green to brown wash. The depressions in the cups are darker green with purple highlights. The meat fills about 75% of the cup with the liquor filling about 10% to 15%. The oysters have a mild tidal pool smell with some vegetable, seaweed and cucumber. The buttery, rich flavors evoke chicken, bacon and Brie. Salinity is medium with mild mineral notes. The texture is meaty and creamy but does get a little stringy near the finish.

I am drinking a 56 Brewing Wizard Mode with the oysters and the oyster's mineral notes provide a little drying astringent note on the finish while also sharpening the hop flavors in a very pleasant way and produce a very flavorful and lingering meaty aftertaste with a mild mineral accent. The oyster's meatiness work's well with the beer's bready malt flavors and also works with the beer's fruity hop flavors. The beer and oyster flavors merge and suggest sausage and a dash of melon. The oysters stringiness bring its rating down to 85 but I would still eat them any day. The merging of the flavors of the beer and oyster and the lingering aftertastes nudge the pairing up to around 90.


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