Alpine Bay Oysters

Alpine Bay OystersAlpine Bay Prijce Edward Island


Alpine Bay Oysters (Atlantic oysters, Crassostrea virginica) are harvested in Prince Edward Island by hand. The brittle, boomerang shaped shells average 3.75" with medium shallow cups. The smaller oysters have deeper cups but as they grow in size, the cup-size drops. The caps are light brown with dark brown highlights with hints of green and the odd barnacle here and there. The cups are more polished bone colored with a greenish brown wash and some darker brown highlights. Alpine Bay Oysters have an average meat to shell ratio and if you can shuck the oyster without destroying the shell the ration of liquor to meat is about 15% liquor and 85% meat. The meat is a caramel tan color with light brown to brown gills. alpine bay oysters with Henry's Pipen cider

Alpine Bays smell like a tidal pool with a little bone both. The liquor is potato chip salty with some mushroom notes and the saltiness of the meat is 4.5 on a 1 to 5 scale. The meat is firm and full bodied with a little a little chew and some spring. It leaves a little membrane on the finish but the flavors more than make up for it. The flavors are a little beefy with as big dose of umami. I'm washing the Alpine Bay Oysters down with a bottle of Left Foot Charley's Henry's Pippin Cider, a dry and tart blend of several different fermentations. The cider's carbonation and tartness cleanse the palate while the apple highlights the oyster's meaty flavors especially in the after taste. The pairing is like eating potato chips or beef sticks with the cider. The cider's tannins and the salt work together and soften each other. I rate the Alpine Bays 82 for their flavor and the cider and the pairing rate 75. A sweeter drink would bring out the flavors more but this works very well on a warm, sunny afternoon.


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