Agate Pass Oyster

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Agate Pass - home of the Agate Pass Oyster, is a high current tidal strait in Central Puget Sound connecting Port Madison and Port orchard bay. The swift currents from Puget Sounds' main channel have a higher salt concentration than the waters that bath oysters farther south. Barnacles thrive in higher salinity waters and they verify the waters' salinity by covering the Agate Pass Oyster's shells. The swift currents tumble the oyster creating a deep cup filled with plumper, firmer meat. Agate oysters are medium sized roundish, oval oysters with purple highlighted barnacle encrusted light brown caps and a deep, ridged cup.

Agate Pass and Blueberry MeadThe liquor is clean smelling with traces of bacon and salt. The meat has a stronger aroma suggesting a blend of cucumber, brie and mushroom and a hint of bacon fat. These aromas show up stonger on the flavor, starting salty moving to slightly sweet in the middle and getting very meaty, touched lightly by a light bitterness and a moderate dose of mineral in the background and a drying astringent note. The flesh is firm and meaty with touches of gristle. The oyster has me thinking of a sourdough toast with a thin smear of brie, a layer of thin sliced portabella mushrooms, a thin layer of sliced cucumbers and a layer of freshly shucked Agate Pass Oysters. Absent the sandwich, the Agate Pass Oysters pair nicely with White Winter Winery's Blueberry Mead. Salt and sweet make each other work better and who wouldn't want to try blueberries and honey with brie, mushroom and cucumber. Right now I have one bottle of mead and a half a dozen Agate Pass oysters. I could easily do two bottles of the mead and a dozen and a half of the oysters. I rate the Agate Pass Oysters 85.


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