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10-18-19: Romancing the Foam 128 celebrates what a friend we have in cheeses.

8-31-19: Romancing The foam 127 introduces three ciders you should know

7-31-19: Romancing the Foam 126 discusses the Ethiopian mead T'ej, perhaps one of the world's oldest meads.

6-21-19: Romancing the Foam 125 where I discuss being a maypole in the Gay Pride Parade

4-11-19: Romancing the Foam 124 reveals the best beer in the world.

3-2-19: Romancing the Foam 123 assaults the winter doldrums with a heartwarming story and heart and body warming beverages to match.

1-31-19: Romancing the Foam 122 where outbadging the Sheriff leads me to new drinking and eating experiences.

12-25-18: Romancing the Foam 121 where I discuss some early drinking and brewing experiences and tell how to win a free copy of Nancy Kozoil's The Joy of Brewing Cider, Mead, and Herbal Wine

Romancing the Foam 120, October 30, 2018 the caravan of refugees walking north through 2000 miles of Mexico caused me to recall a time when I tried to smuggle a guy across the border and memories of beer the experience stimulates.

Romancing the Foam 119, September 30, 2018 reviews some gluten free options

Romancing the Foam 118, August 28, 2018 reviews 3 Pipeworks Beers that recall memories of an attempted emigration to Chicago

Romancing the Foam 117, July 25, 2018, commemorates Bessie Smith and Frank O'Hara and some beer to drink in their memory.

Romancing the Foam 116, June 26, 2018 tells the story of Shorty's Pool and Card Room, Midland Michigan's former den of iniquity, closed 42 years ago this month.

Romancing the Foam 115, May 24, 2018 suggests various duck tartine and beer pairings for breakfast

Romancing the Foam 114, March 28, 2018 reminisces about Detroit Bluesman Boogie Woogie Red

Romancing the Foam 113, April 16, 2018 discusses the hazards of parrot smuggling

Romancing the Foam 112, February 18, 2018 reviews beer to drink while listening to the cat piano

Romancing the Foam 111 December 6, 2017 explores a beer cheese pairing experience that knocks the socks off any pairing anyone could come up with wine and cheese

Romancing the Foam 110 November 3, 2017 discusses how church festivals lead to an appreciation of Oktoberfestbier

Romancing the Foam 109 September 13, 2017 discusses 3 beers while watching a church fire with tommy

Romancing The Foam 108 July 31, 2017 dedicated to Shakey Jake and 3 beers to drink in his honor

Romancing the Foam 107 June 29, 2017 discusses bear shitting pipe and the beer it inspires

Romancing the Foam 106 May 29, 2017 where I drink 4 beers to remember my Grandma on Memorial Day

Romancing The Foam 105, where I reminisce about Earth Day 4

Romancing the Foam 104, March 2017, I disclose how to wrestle an ape

Romancing the Foam 103, February 2017, I commemorate a very big man

Romancing the Foam 102, December 2016 reviews 3 beers to drink while teaching a blind guy to jump off a pier.

Romancing the Foam 101, November 2016 reviews 3 beers fit for watching people fix cars

Romancing the Foam 100, October 2016 reviews 4 fine beers from Unibroue.

Romancing the Foam 99, September 2016 reviews New Belgium's Fat Tire & Friends collaborative 12-pack.

Romancing the Foam 98, August 2016 recalls my first Belgian beer at Café Belgique in Amsterdam in 1971.

Romancing the Foam 97, July 2016 meet a young boy who leaps off fence to see if he could fly at a Park Board League baseball game and causes me to look at several beers that take a leap of faith. Most succeed.

Romancing the Foam 96, June 2016 reminisces about a cigar reader I once had a beer with and discusses pairing beer with cigars and S'mores.

Romancing the Foam 95, May 2016, calls attention to the East Lake Brewery and their many fine beers and friendly location.

Romancing the Foam 94, April 2016 reflects on the boneheaded move of the town of Silver Bay Minnesota in banning Bent Paddle Beer from their municipal liquor store for the brewery's opposition to the proposed PolyMet NorthMet copper-nickel mine. Bent Paddle makes good beer. Buy some.

Romancing the Foam 93, March 2016 tackles the issue of weed killer in beer.


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