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Yamatt Tej



Yamatt TejMenkir Tamrat is a Bay Area California scientist and business who makes mead and produces Ethiopian food in his spare time. Yamatt Tej (11.5% alcohol by volume) is a still, standard mead on the sweet side of semi-sweet. It is made with Washington state wild-flower honey, California Gesho and water. The "Yamatt" in the title means "mother-in-law's" recipe. This is one of the spicier and more herbal interpretations of T'ej I have tasted. The gesho is spicy, herbal, woody, earthy and complex. The honey aromas are also assertive. While Yamatt claims the t'ej is filtered, it pours a rustic looking copper gold with light haze. The Gesho is big offering an interesting array of woody, spicy flavors as well as the usual bitterness to balance the sweetness. The honey flavors add to the Gesho spiciness. The tannins in the Gesho add to the medium full body and add a little astringent note behind the sweetness that is there is you look for it. I especially like this T'ej because it does not pull back on any of the flavors. This pairs very well with spicy Ethiopian food and other hot, spicy food. I especially like to pour a glass of Yamatt Tej and listen to my Mulatu Astatke CDs. I rate this T'ej 90.

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