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Winehaven Honey Wine

Stinger Mead


Winehaven Honey Wine Stinger MeadThe lable on my bottle of Winehaven Honey Wine Stinger Mead (8.5% alcohol by volume) says it is made with a combination of Minnesota wildflower and basswood honey. Generally "wildflower" means that you do not know where the hell the honey came from and while if the mead has a varietal honey designation, you should at least be able to tell. Basswood has a sharper, more complex flavor and aroma. Some people find mint and a light bitterness. The honey aromas are mild but the mead does have a mild, floral, woody, earthy basswood aroma along with mild alcohol. The mead is still and pours brilliant straw with great reflectance and has a clear, well defined meniscus. A swirl of the glass shows off some moderate legs. The mead starts mildly sweet with some honey, floral and basswood notes. The basswood adds earthy, woody complexity and character without being overwhelming. It finishes mildly tart with some tannins helping tone the sweetness down. Winehaven acheives a nice balance between the acidity, sweetness and tannins and they develop the basswood and wildflower honey flavors and aromas well. I like this mead. It has enough flavor and dimension to keep it interesting, it is not too dry or too sweet and is one of the better meads for its price. I rate it 88

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