White Winter Winery Raspberry Mead


White Winter Winery

Raspberry Mead


White Winter Winery Raspberry MeadWhite Winter Winery Raspberry Mead (11.5% alcohol by volume) is a standard, still, melomel (fruit mead) made with ripe locally picked raspberries and honey. The aromas are rich and complex. Initial waves of raspberry and honey aromas give way to a mildly vinous, faint floral, milly fruity aroma with honey and raspberry farther back. The aromas are fresh and not muddied or dirty and there are no sulfury, harsh chemical, oxidation or yeasty notes. It pours brilliant raspberry red with a clear meniscus. There are no visible particles. A quick swirl produces robust legs. The flavors are semi-sweet with honey and mild raspberry, lightly tart with moderate drying tannins providing body and showing up on the finish to dry slightly with a soft astringent touch. The raspberry character tastes fresh and is not artificial, raw of over powering. The tannins and tartness balance the sweetness preventing it for being syrupy or cloying. The tartness is not inappropriately intense. The fermentation character is clean and fresh. The alcohol is clean and smooth, mildly warming and not harsh or hot. The body is medium. This is an enjoyable mead with a balance of honey sweetness, raspberry flavor and tartness, tannins and alcohol. If you live in their delivery area, order a Galactic Paul Bunyon Bison pizza and a few of their hemp brownies and settle in for the evening on your deck. The mead does wonderful things with the brownie and will do nicely with anything chocolate. For an interesting cheese pairing try it with gjetost or Fourme D'Ambert. I like the mead - I rate it 89 - and I will pick up another bottle the next time I see one.


White Winter Winery



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