White Winter Winery My Faire Lady


White Winter Winery

My Faire Lady


White Winter Winery My Faire LadyWhite Winter Winery My Faire Lady (6.5% alcohol by volume) is a semi-sweet sparkling mead that contains honey, citic acid, and potassium sorbate and sulfite to preserve freshness. Popping the cap releases strong honey aromas, light alcohol and clean fermentation aromas. It is brilliant pale straw with good reflectance and the odd bubble rising periodically. A swirl of the glass reveals the beginning of legs. The mild honey flavors lead throughout. The added citic acid balances the mead's slight sweetness and here are also some tannins on the finish that help dry things out. A hint of spice creeps in to add character and depth. The carbonation is light enough to let the delicate flavors shine through while still providing refreshment. This mead is a pleasant refresher by itself while also an apt companion to fruit, fish and mild cheeses. I rate it 83.


White Winter Winery

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