White Winter Winery Mischief


White Winter Winery



White Winter Winery MischiefWhite Winter Winery Mischief (11.5% alcohol by volume) is a semi-sweet honey cranberry mead colored with red grape skin extract. The cranberries and honey lead the aromas with equal intensity with a mild alcohol aroma in the backgound. This is a bright copper amber mead with the odd bubble rising to the surface and a thin ring of bubbles around the rim. A tip of the glass leaves magnificant legs. Mischief is mildly sweet and petillant with an exquisite interplay between cranberries, honey and alcohol. The cranberries provide flavor, bitterness and tartness and the honey balances the bitter and the tart while providing a mild honey flavor. The alcohol is smooth and clean, mildly warning and not hot, harsh or solventy. The carbonation is low - a light fizz - and the body is medium high. This is a perfect mead for sitting in a garden on a warm summer evening enjoying the flowers and the birds at the feeder. I rate it 86.


White Winter Winery




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