White Winter Winery Dry Mead


White Winter Winery

Dry Mead


White Winter Winery Dry MeadWhite Winter Winery Dry Mead (11.5% alcohol by volume) is an off-dry, still, standard, traditional mead. It has an initial mild honey smell with a clean fermentation character. As it warms more floral, spice, fruit and white wine character comes forward. It is brilliant pale straw with faint green tint and good reflectance, a well formed, clear meniscus and moderate legs. Subtle honey leads the flavors with some background white wine flavors. Smooth alcohol is apparent and is not hot, solventy or harsh. There are no artificial chemical flavors or harsh, bitter or phenolic flavors. The mead finishes dry with a pleasant balancing acidity that hints of citrus and a slight astringent note. This pleasant, very drinkable mead comes across like a white wine with a big honey note. This pairs nicely with chicken and seafood. I especially like it with Dijon Salmon baked with Panko crumbs and I also like it with chicken or pork schnitzel and spaetzle. Someday I will try it wih Belgian Waffles. You can also check out my review of White Winter Winery Dry Mead with Blue Point Oysters. I rate it 80.


White Winter Winery




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