White Winter Winery



White Winter Winery Cyser White Winter Winery Cyser (11.5% alcohol by volume) is a mead brewed with apple juice. Apples and honey are evenly matched in the aroma with some fruit, light flowers and traces of spicy earthiness. Its very pretty brilliant gold from the center to the rim with a well formed meniscus the same color as the body and good reflectance. a swilr of the glass produces marvelous long legs. The cyser has a medium plus body with alcohol, honey, apples, and spice weaving in and out to provide the flavor. There is a faint earthiness in the background. The cyser has a sweet-tart finish with some astringency from a small dose of tannins. The linger is mildly astringent and long and dry, and lihly tar softened by a dab of sweetness to soften things out. The intensity of the honey and apple are medium high and the alcohol flavors are moderate. The alcohol is smooth, providing a pleasant warming and is not hot or harsh. This is midway between wine and cider with a slight lean to the wine in terms of texture and mouthfeel. While this can stand alone, White Winter Winery Cyser has all the flavors you want when eating a smoked pork shoulder or some sharp cheddar. I rate it 83.

White Winter Winery







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