White Winter Winery Blueberry Mead


White Winter Winery


Blueberry Mead


White Winter Winery Blueberry MeadWhite Winter Winery Blueberry Mead (11.5% alcohol by volume) is made with Bayfield Peninsula blueberries added to the fermenter. It is still and has a rich blueberry smell evenly matched by honey. The blueberries smell real, fresh and not artificial, raw, aggressive or overly processed. The fermentation character is clean with some wine notes. The alcohol aromas are present but are not hot or solvently. It is brilliant reddish purple from the center to the rim with good reflectance and long, well defined legs. The initial pour leaves a ring of bubbles around the rim that give way to a clear meniscus. Mildly sweet blueberry and honey flavors give way to medium high alcohol mid-palate and then a moderate tartness and trace of tannin come forward to balance the sweetness with a touch of pucker and a light, drying astringent note. More blueberry flavor comes out as it warms. The texture is wine-line with a medium plus body. The alcohol is mildly warming and not hot or harsh. This delightful mead pairs nicely with a fruit tart, fresh fruit or some cheese drizzled with honey. I rate it 84.

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