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2018 Buckwheat Mead


Trazo Meadery 2018 Buckwheat MeadTrazo Meadery 2018 Buckwheat Mead (14.0% alcohol by volume) is made from buckwheat honey - one of the darkest honeys with a slightly bitter, intense, nutty, barnyard, hay character. The mead is still and sack strength. The buckwheat honey character comes through on the rich, grassy aroma with honey, alcohol and fruit. As the mead warms the honey aroma becomes more intense. The mead has a clean fermentation character and the aromatics are fresh and not dirty or muddied, harsh, solventy, yeasty or sulfury. The aromas are pleasingly balanced with depth as buckwheat honey, alcohol, grass, and a mild vinuous quality all weave together. Alcohol aromas are noticeable but not hot or solventy. It pours brilliant copper gold to amber with a clear, well defined meniscus and light but well defined legs. the mead has a grassy, nutty dried fruit, alcohol and honey flavor that starts semi-sweet and dries out on the finish with a touch of astringency. The buckwheat honey flavor is failrly intense but not off-putting and has a balanced sweetness with complex rich flavors, medium tartness and medium tannins that all work together. The alcohol is mildly warming but not hot or harsh and the mead finishes with a wonderful grassy, fruity lingering buckwheat tail. This mead has an elegant wine-like character with a medium full body. this is a wonderful mead. I am drinking it after the first November snow fall and it is transporting me to a grassy meadow. I rate it 93.

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