Trazo Meadery Mesquite Mead Batch C14


Trazo Meadery


Mesquite Batch 014


Trazo Mead Mesquite Batch C14Trazo Meadery Mesquite Mead Batch 014 (14.0% alcohol by volume) is a still, semi-sweet, standard strength made made with mesquite honey. Mesquite wood has a strong earthy flavor and works well for smoking red meat and the mead's aroma captures some of the woody earthiness, a hint of smoke, some light floral notes, and traces of fruit. The aromas balance the mesquite honey notes with some fermentation fruity esters and alcohol. The mead pours bright straw gold with good reflectance and long, well defined legs. The honey character starts medium low and grown to medium as it coats your mouth. The flavors follow the aormas with a hint of acidity and a trace of tannin to provide a light astringent note on the finish. Sweetness levels dry a little on the finish. This is a mead with character and flavor where all the parts work well together. Try it with subtle foods like chicken or fish where the flavors of the mead can brighten up the flavors of the dish. I rate it 90.

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