The Honey Wine Company Bee d'Vine Brut


The Honey Wine Company


Bee d'Vine Brut


The Honey Wine Company Bee d'Vine BrutThe Honey Wine Company Bee d'Vine Brut 12.5% alcohol is a mead inspired by T'ej. Ayele Solomon brews Bee d'Vine with California honey and spring water. It is standard, dry and still. Bee d'Vine smells of honey and a trace of gesho (t'ej spice) with some dry white wine character. It has a mildly spicey earthy aroma with medium to medium low honey. There is no funk in the aroma. It pours brilliant straw with good reflectance and light legs. Bee d'Vine has a subtle honey character with some spice, residual sweetness, a hint of tart and a dry finish. The t'ej spice is in the background and peaks out when you look for it. The acidity is medium plus and the gesho brings in some lightly astringent, drying tannins and some mild bitterness on the finsh. More gesho character comes out as the t'ej warms providing more woody, spicy earthiness. There are no sulfury, harsh or yeasty fermentation notes. The body is medium light, the residual sweetness is low. The alcohol is softly warming and not hot, harsh or solventy. This is an elegant dry mead with a subtle spice character. I rate it 84.



The Honey Wine Company

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